“It takes darkness to be aware of the light.”

“It takes darkness to be aware of the light.”

My title, in subject essence is theoretically referring to the people around us. Without the bad there shall be no good- put the word people in there twice, ‘boom’ you get my idea?

In rather a rant of a mood today…

The photograph I edited up sums the feelings of today; completely separate yet linked by one thing. (Be that image or happenings!)

So after completing a full scale snow war this evening with the ATC, well putting it in the comical terms; Once upon a time there was a bright, happy kingdom. All who lived within enjoyed peace and respect… blah… until you hit the line….until a great darkness found its entrance.

Yes, this is the point I’m getting too. People find a way to creep and smother any ‘light’ deeds as it were.

We’d all like to say ‘oh they didn’t realise’ but out of jealousy? I’d say responses out of jealousy are purposeful! To say the very least due to my ‘busy lifestyle’ and how I throw everything I have into any act I can, I find people leaching of my ‘light’ strange as that sounds!

Oh I do hate to go on.

But to summarise, it’d be nice if whoever reads this could consider; am I light or dark, what do I make people see? You might find a change in the way you …work?

Tootles now dears, time is precious. Enjoy Wednesday- half way there!

Belle :*


“The bird that would soar above the level plain of tradition and prejudice must have strong wings.”


Whilst flicking through some old computer files, I happened upon this memorable day. Now obviously I’ve retouched the image up, (bearing in mind it was taken by a friend, on a iPod, in the freezing cold.) adding colour points and a sharper overall focus, I’d say it’s rather fitting seeing as the grounds look much like this at the moment – except without a snow squirrel.

If I remember correctly, it took a great amount of time to amount this non-traditional snow creation, with well-earned hot cocoa at the end! But by no means was this the intended snow design!

Anyway It was a rather enjoyable day in the snow, one that will not be forgotten in the future.

I hope you have enjoyed this snow, days off work and college (like us!) and warming cups of tea and snuggly fires.

Monday is done, bring on Tuesday!

Belle :*


“You have to do stuff that average people don’t understand because those are the only good things.”

Sundays. Personally my favourite day of the week, rain or shine, hot or cold, horsey or artsy.

Luckily enough I reserved today for the next media test in my art course and from the picture; no doubt, you can tell I thought a little outside the box on this one. Inspired by two separate artists (this being an idea essentially only stemming from one) I set out this morning hoping to come away with some decent photographs, in all fairness I am quietly surprised with the outcome.

Now I can safely say; No worries ladies and gentlemen, liquid chalk was used to ‘design’ the dog and flash taken off the camera. But come on; is that the look of an unhappy family member? My model loved the day in the woods, sniffing out rabbit holes and chasing away any Sunday cobwebs.

It was a wild shot to say the least, and I’m still hoping once the time comes to merge both my artist they will do so successfully. But no doubt this poser wouldn’t mind another make over.

Oh and meet Fly, our dog, who quite frankly adores any attention she can come by.

Short and sweet again today dears, be merry and take the Monday morning head on. I know me and Fly will.


“With luck, it might even snow for us.”

“With luck, it might even snow for us.”

Ah, the first post. The truth being, clueless as I am, millions of options are poised at the ready for us to share with others, a few clicks and everyone knows you’re story, endless as they will be.
So, the weather yes? rather eventful over the last hours, needless to say; Thank you sky for the deposit of snow over our land, a little more over college would of been much more appreciated though.
Assuming I have indeed grasped the image uploading techniques, you may in fact see a couple of my troop and me enjoying its company.
Although having soggy wellies and snowflake attacked hair, snow presents the much anticipated ‘all for one’ snowball fights and the not so much ‘don’t eat yellow snow’ jokes, the former being where you need a nice, cosy bubble to walk round the grounds in. But of course that (in this day and age) is not an option, sadly. Opposing classmates encouraging the squeals, yips and shouts of unaware friends (that being me), now soaked in the recently deposited fluffy substance, still we mustn’t let it ruin our Friday!
I must depart now lovely ones, apologies for cutting it short!
I do hope it wasn’t an appalling read.
Belle :*