“With luck, it might even snow for us.”

Ah, the first post. The truth being, clueless as I am, millions of options are poised at the ready for us to share with others, a few clicks and everyone knows you’re story, endless as they will be.
So, the weather yes? rather eventful over the last hours, needless to say; Thank you sky for the deposit of snow over our land, a little more over college would of been much more appreciated though.
Assuming I have indeed grasped the image uploading techniques, you may in fact see a couple of my troop and me enjoying its company.
Although having soggy wellies and snowflake attacked hair, snow presents the much anticipated ‘all for one’ snowball fights and the not so much ‘don’t eat yellow snow’ jokes, the former being where you need a nice, cosy bubble to walk round the grounds in. But of course that (in this day and age) is not an option, sadly. Opposing classmates encouraging the squeals, yips and shouts of unaware friends (that being me), now soaked in the recently deposited fluffy substance, still we mustn’t let it ruin our Friday!
I must depart now lovely ones, apologies for cutting it short!
I do hope it wasn’t an appalling read.
Belle :*