Sundays. Personally my favourite day of the week, rain or shine, hot or cold, horsey or artsy.

Luckily enough I reserved today for the next media test in my art course and from the picture; no doubt, you can tell I thought a little outside the box on this one. Inspired by two separate artists (this being an idea essentially only stemming from one) I set out this morning hoping to come away with some decent photographs, in all fairness I am quietly surprised with the outcome.

Now I can safely say; No worries ladies and gentlemen, liquid chalk was used to ‘design’ the dog and flash taken off the camera. But come on; is that the look of an unhappy family member? My model loved the day in the woods, sniffing out rabbit holes and chasing away any Sunday cobwebs.

It was a wild shot to say the least, and I’m still hoping once the time comes to merge both my artist they will do so successfully. But no doubt this poser wouldn’t mind another make over.

Oh and meet Fly, our dog, who quite frankly adores any attention she can come by.

Short and sweet again today dears, be merry and take the Monday morning head on. I know me and Fly will.